• Frequently Asked Questions
    Have a question? Please find below the answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What’s the suitable age for a child to use Abjadiyat?

    If you are a native Arabic speaker, Abjadiyat caters to the ages of 3-6 years old. If you are a non-native Arabic speaker, Abjadiyat will be beneficial for children up to 12 years old.

  • Is the Abjadiyat app free?

    You can download Abjadiyat for free along with some content that will be unlocked for a trial period. To help your child excel in the Arabic language, we would suggest you to upgrade to our paid subscription, which offers 700+ learning materials in Arabic.

  • I am not a native Arabic speaker, can I or my children use Abjadiyat?

    Yes, of course! Abjadiyat offers bi-lingual navigation, allowing non-Arabic speakers to browse and use the app with ease while offering educational content in the Arabic language.

  • What type of content do you offer?

    Abjadiyat provides a holistic Arabic learning experience. Our learning materials include digital books, fun educational games, printable and digital practice worksheets along with music, and narrative videos to cover 4 main areas of the Arabic language curriculum: Reading, Expression and Phonetics, Writing and Grammar, and Vocabulary.

  • Do I have to be connected to the internet while using Abjadiyat?

    Yes, the app requires an internet connection through Wi-Fi.

  • Who can use Abjadiyat?

    A language is always an asset; therefore, any curious child who would like to learn or enrich his Arabic language can benefit from Abjadiyat, as well as home-schooled children, in addition to school teachers, and principals who would like to manage multiple classrooms.

  • How many devices I can connect the app to?

    If you are a parent: A subscriber can use the application on up to 3 devices simultaneously. A user who has not subscribed can sign in to one device at a time only.
    If you are a teacher: you can use Abjadiyat on the smart board, and on Ipads/tablets for up to 30 students per class and you can multiple classes under one teacher account.

  • Is Abjadiyat available on the iPhone/iPad or Android device?

    Yes, Abjadiyat is available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • I am a content provider; how can I work with you?

    We are currently collaborating with multiple content providers across the region to make the best content available for our users. We are always on the lookout for creative talents. You can reach out to us at info@ibdaakids.com.

  • How can I unlock Abjadiyat’s content?

    We offer limited content for free. To access premium content, if you are a parent, we invite you to subscribe through the app store on your device.
    If you are a school teacher or principle, please reach out to us on our WhatsApp number to serve you better.

  • What are different ways to access Abjadiyat?

    Arabic learning is accessible to everyone, at home or at school with Abjadiyat.
    You can access Abjadiyat through two channels: the parent and child’s application, and the teachers’ platform.
    Parents:- If you are a parent and would like to use Abjadiyat for home schooling you may access some free learning materials from our learning library. For complete access, you can subscribe to the Abjadiyat app through your respective app store.
    Teachers and principals:- If you are an individual teacher who wants to use Abjadiyat to manage his/her classroom, you can avail a free trial and afterwards you can reach out to us via WhatsApp or email at info@ibdaakids.com and we will be happy to help.

  • Teachers Questions

  • I am a teacher; can I use Abjadiyat?

    Yes, Abjadiyat now offers a free trial period to explore the features of the platform and the benefits it adds to the classroom.

  • I am a teacher; how many students and classes can benefit from it?

    A teacher can create a class of a maximum number of 30 students and use the app/website to manage and improve the class tasks and assignments.

  • I am a teacher and my free trial has ended; how can I activate my account again?

    Now that you like our app you can reach out to us via WhatsApp or email us at info@ibdaakids.com. We will reply to your request and guide you through our different offers that we will customize specifically to your needs.

  • Can I add a parent to a student’s profile?

    Yes, through Abjadiyat teacher’s platform. The teacher can assign two parents to the child’s profile using their mobile numbers.

  • I am a teacher how can I get an account for my school?

    It’s a very simple process! You can either write to us on info@ibdaakids.com or via WhatsApp and we will get back to you at the earliest and help your school to be get onboard.

  • I did not receive any code on my mobile, what is the problem?

    There could be multiple reasons for this (mobile carrier, network coverage etc.), however we advise you to retry in 15 mins. If the issue persists, reach out to us through WhatsApp or email at info@ibdaakids.com and we will help you.

  • Is the App available for teachers and parents?

    Yes, the app is available for both teachers and parents.

  • I have more than 30 students to manage; what are my options?

    We can create an account for a school administrator that will allow you to manage more than 30 students. Please, do reach out to us via info@ibdaakids.com or via WhatsApp.

  • I want to edit students’ profiles.

    You can edit students’ information by logging-in to the page or through the dashboard and click on the green pencil icon on the left; it will highlight the option to edit the details of the students.