How to manage stress as a nursery teacher?

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is the mantra among most 21st-century working professionals. Practically speaking, we all know that no work is completely ‘stress-free’! It’s all about effectively managing your stress and enjoying your work. And being a teacher is no different; and when you add the prefix ‘nursery’ to it, things are quite different.

Being a nursery teacher is quite similar to being a mother of a regular 2-3-year-old, except that, you are a mother to a group of 2-3-year-olds. Which comes with the responsibility of dealing with multiple personalities at once, in addition to your own fluctuating emotions while trying to educate them. This also includes planning the coursework, meeting deadlines…oh and did we forget having to be energetic and enthusiastic for the curious learners? And over time, it starts to take a toll on your mental health and it becomes vital to prioritize and manage our own well-being. As one cannot manage and inspire a group of little-learners if they feel demotivated and stressed out!

As a teacher, you never want to lose the joy of teaching due to stress. So here are a few tips that can help you manage stress as a nursery teacher:

Stop seeking perfection

Teaching is an on-going process and a two-way communication. There is always going to be something coming up, and there will always be little-unfinished projects, and you have to be okay with that. Just like the children in your classroom, you are also a human. A human who sometimes feels uninspired and demotivated at times, which is completely normal. The real key to success here is to accept that things are never perfect, and sometimes no matter how hard you try to manage your tasks, things might not just be the way you want it to be. Once you accept that, you’ll start enjoying your experience as a teacher even more!

Pre-plan your planning schedule

While some mistakes and incidents are unavoidable, many of them can be dodged by planning ahead. Schools usually create an annual plan for all the grades, which can be followed to pre-prepare a few classroom activities, games, and worksheets. Take advantage of the school plan, and use it to organize how to plan your tasks throughout the year! This will ensure that you aren’t overloaded during the academic year, and will buy you time in case of an emergency situation. Also, don’t forget to ask your co-workers about their techniques and ask them for assistance when needed; you’d be surprised at how easy a task becomes when more than one person handles it.

Be your students’ best friend!

Don’t forget that you have the best source of joy in your classroom; children. They are the funniest, most genuine when they are at school. Enjoy being around your students, sing silly songs, take dancing breaks, let loose when time allows it. Be their guide and best friend, you never want to lose the joy of your job!

When we look back to our preschool years, we remember positive and easy-going teachers as our favorite and the best. They are the ones that inspired us to go to school every day and have managed to leave a positive impact on our lives.
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