3 Ways to Enhance Your Kids’ summer!

School is out! Having kids finally home for vacation is a nightmare for any parent. Because now you have to find exciting activities to keep their adrenaline in check. And UAE’s sultry climate is no help since outdoor activities are mostly out of the picture. Despite the hot weather, there are lots of opportunities in the UAE to have a pleasant summer.

We decided to combine some things to keep in mind that can help you and your kids have a cool summer time.

Explore UAE

The options range from edutainment destinations like the ’Louvre Children's Museum’, free activities across the malls to thrilling water parks that will keep them entertained. There are also many events exclusive for kids during the summer. But as a parent, juggling between several things can make it difficult to keep track of the most happening kids’ events. Kidzapp is the key to wiping your worries away. Kidzapp, a free must-have app for any parent, is always updated with what’s going on around town and alerts you about events tailored to your family's needs. Using Kidzapp will help you explore your city's great gems, get special offers and always keep you in the loop. How amazing is that? All you have to do is download the app and start discovering. Moreover, we have an exclusive discount on Abjadiyat for Kidzapp users.

Arts and Craft

Staying indoors can also be a great source of fun and it can also help you bond with your kids better. There are several activities you can do to make the most out of staying home. DIY projects are one of the many ways to keep your kids occupied. There are plenty of easy ideas available online; choose one along with your kid. And let them unleash their creativity! We suggest you pick something useful, for example, birdfeeder; as your kids can then see their crafts in action and feel proud of their accomplishment. If not DIY, coloring is another easy activity you can do with your kids. Abjadiyat has free printable coloring templates for you to use.

Help your child grow this summer

Summer is actually a good time to impart kids with valuable knowledge that is not covered in school. You can choose what you want to teach them and present it in a fun manner so they are always engaged with learning! For example, young kids usually don’t understand the value of their culture and heritage. So, you can choose to incorporate more of your culture into your daily life and since language plays a huge part in forming their cultural identity, you can also encourage your kids to improve their Arabic. Abjadiyat has printable worksheets that can help you give them practices. This summer, help your kids take a leap in their learning journey.

We hope we helped you ease your mind with our tips. Abjadiyat wishes you a wonderful summer!

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