Hand them books, nurture their minds

Have you ever wondered about a possibility where your child had no access to education? Sounds unrealistic, right? It is simply a possibility that seems impossible to occur.

But in Al Fa’our settlement camp, it is a different story. Al Fa’our, located in Lebanon, is just like any other refugee camp. It is home to over 10,000 refugees where most are young children. As we purchase the latest gadgets for improving our child’s education, these young minds have no books to learn or pens to write.

So this Ramadan, Abjadiyat had the utmost privilege to support LOYAC Lebanon’s MobArt initiative as part of their pledge to provide quality education to kids. Children, irrespective of their background, are our future and by investing in their education, we help create a better world. Hence, Abjadiyat joined hands with LOYAC to distribute 1200 Arabic educative books to MobArt’s new library that is currently situated in Al Fa’our.

Abjadiyat representatives were overwhelmed at the reception especially when they saw the children’s eyes light up at the sight of new books. Maha, a 13-year-old, was one of many others who were present during the opening of the library. Maha, like most, is illiterate and was delighted to see the library; promising the coordinators she would soon start reading and writing. Abjadiyat thrives to do more but for now, they find solace in helping to lay a foundation for the children to start their journey to learn Arabic.

Although it is a minor step, Abjadiyat trusts that it was the right step toward their vision to see a world where every child is provided with quality education.

Abjadiyat firmly believes no eager minds should be left in the dark. They promise to continuously do their best to deliver quality education in aiding kids to advance their command of the Arabic language.
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