Challenges faced by teachers, and what school administrators can do about it

Teachers partake many roles in the classroom. They are responsible for mentoring and encouraging students to learn, and they act as role models for students to follow. More importantly, teachers’ main role centers around delivering knowledge and information to students.
In order to succeed in maintaining their students’ attention, teachers are always on the lookout for new educational methods that engage students in the classroom. However, they can often feel bombarded with different tasks throughout the day aside from teaching, such as traditional lesson-planning, preparing for morning assemblies, organizing activities, decorating the hallway boards, marking worksheets and tests, supervising after-school duties, and more administrative tasks.
Technology to the rescue
In efforts to end this cycle, school leaders are always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions that can improve the overall educational experience within their school, while factoring in the teacher’s pivotal role in the classroom. Thus, education startups and firms have been leveraging technology by providing educational platforms that connect teachers, students, parents and the school administration within the learning process.
Statistical information can then be covered within such platforms, keeping in its database the number of students in every classroom, their performance throughout the semester, and can also provide detailed lesson plans and interactive educational content.
Teachers can benefit from such platforms as they will be able to get inspired from and use engaging content tailored to students’ levels within the classroom. Also, they can provide this information to the school administration, which would thus be sent to parents, providing a more holistic educational experience. Thus, school leaders can have an outlook on classrooms’ performance and teachers can tailor content according to every students’ individual capabilities.
Abjadiyat has introduced a platform for teachers wherein teachers can enter the number of students in their classrooms and receive tailored content for them depending on their level. Therefore, Abjadiyat eases the administrative work that needs to be recorded by the teacher because teachers can receive important data on their students’ performance, and know the weak points that they can focus on. In addition, Abjadiyat delivers a wide variety of content which aids the teacher in lesson planning, as new and engaging ideas are already provided. Hence, teachers can focus on their main role as mentors and role models for their students.
Because teachers can feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks they need to do over the day – from marking lessons to preparing them – it is essential to refocus the teacher’s role in the classroom – a mentor who guides and delivers knowledge to students.
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