How to celebrate Eid with your kids?

Eid is almost there knocking on our doors to celebrate the joy of breaking out fast and leaving Ramadan behind, it’s what Muslims around the world call it as the “biggest Eid or biggest celebration” as it comes after 30 days of fasting, and now a days since fasting is in the hottest times of the year and the sun sets very late, the joy of Eid is even greater. The question is though, how to celebrate Eid with our kids?

Here are few ideas for you to consider while celebrating it with your kids:

It’s very important indeed to introduce Eid to your kids, and explain to them the concept behind it, what the purpose is and how to celebrate it. Using bedtime stores can be a really good start and a nice way for the parents to communicate with their kids.
Decorating the house with few shapes that symbolize Ramadan like the moon and stars shapes, some cooked and cupcakes with decorations related to Eid or greeting cards. Simple ideas that can bring the joy to your homes. Don’t forget to invite the kids to join you during the preparation
Explain the Eid through children’s stories or through cartoon films.
Do some Eid shopping, new clothes, gifts, balloons, and maybe toys that the kids can only have on Eid’s day
Take your kids to the mosque on Eid day to see and perform Eid prayer, this is a nice way to see the local community and learn new positive behaviors.
Teach your kids the idea of sharing and donating, possibly they can give away an old toy they no longer need to a needy kid, such behaviors teach them the joy of giving.
Don’t forget to visit relatives and extended family to exchange Eid greetings.
Don’t forget to teach your kids basic crafts where they can learn Arabic like alphabets maybe in moon or stars shapes.
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