How to get your kid ready for School/Nursery?

The summer season has ended, those vacationing are returning back to their homes, and the school season is about to begin. Salons are hustling and bustling with mothers, who are pretty occupied discussing the next big thing - schooling for the kids! They are thinking of the many things associated with the “back to school” season and those with little ones are wondering which nursery they should send their kids to. How will the kids adjust to the change and how will they manage the sudden change in their situation?

Abjad knows the many questions going through a mother’s mind and is here to help them with tips to let go of the stress. In this article Abjad will advise mothers how to prepare their kids physically and mentally to attend nursery or preschool.

It’s a no brainer that choosing the “right” nursery is a big deal and it causes stress and worry, especially when mothers have to deal with children with separation anxiety. Here is a bunch of tips that Abjad has on how to best manage this phase for mothers like you:

Prepare your child physically! It’s a good idea to wrap up the vacation a few weeks ahead of the start of the school season. That way, your child can get used to the routine, their surroundings, as well as their regular life at home. Make sure that your child can eat on their own, and can eat meals that are packed in a lunch box suitable for school. For example, you might not be able to pack cereal and you might end up packing more sandwiches and fruits. Setting the sleeping routine, say no later than 8 pm, is also beneficial and highly recommended.
Get your kids psychologically and emotionally ready for being separated from you. This happens better in stages. One can start with physical distance inside the house. Let your child play alone in their room, while you move to the living room or stay in the same room but with a physical distance from your child (depending on the age of the child). You can then start leaving the house for small periods- say 30 minutes. It may be a good idea to leave your child with the neighbors or with your spouse or the grandparents to help your child get used to being away from their mother all the time. You should make sure that your child is around someone familiar and someone who you trust.
Mention the nursery name to your child so that they are familiar with hearing the name of the nursery. You can draw or paint a school, have your child watch cartoons about going to school, or read your child a bedtime story about a new magical place called that nursery or school. You can explain that your child will go there alone, but will find more children like themselves, make friends and play.
Read and research about the best schools and nurseries in the UAE that suit your needs in terms of care, curriculum, and fees. Please check out this website, it might come in handy in making your decision. Don’t forget to check the school’s online reviews and ask your social circle about it! Mothers are strongly encouraged to visit the school at least twice - to see the staff, the kids, and how the teachers deal with the kids. It’s also a good idea to take your child to the school so that they can get familiar with the environment – you can gauge from your child’s reaction how they feel about their new environment. Involve your child in the decision process – it might make things easier for both of you!
Prepare your child mentally, including work on improving their literacy. Living in the UAE requires that children know basic Arabic. You wouldn’t want your kid to be behind the peer group. You can teach your child alphabets, basic words, colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. The Abjadiyat app is a great way to begin a modern technology based learning journey for your child!
You should be present and close during the first days of school, while keeping distance and monitoring your child. Assuring your child that either parent is around till they get comfortable will result in a positive child in their new surroundings. The transition can be gradual during the first week, say with 2 hours a day, to slowly extend to the full day.
Abjad hopes these tips are of use to you and your family and would love to hear from you on our social media channels @AbjadiyatApp!
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