How to improve your kids’ intelligence

We are surrounded and updated every second of our lives with information, opinions, thoughts and even tools. Creativity and innovation have become survival neccassity and not just an added value. Our kids are competing with so many tools and with so many advanced minds around the world, then why stay behind? And why leave them to ordinary educational tools or the “norm” when it comes to knowledge. For this generation, and for the coming one, the survival is for the smartest and not the strongest!

In this article, we will share with you research outcomes and studies recommendations done by pediatricians and scientist on how to improve your kids intelligence, unleash their creative skills and smartness.

Teach your kids how to read at very early age, one of the recommended methods; “Glin Domane”, which is named after the scientist Glin Domane. This method encourages teaching kids how to read through flash cards, presenting words in front of the kid and slowly present long sentences. This approach suggests that kids can learn reading through complete words, and not letters. You can start with your kid after 6 months or when they are able to visualize fully. Make sure you they don’t lose interest and pass on the cards as fast as possible and before they get bored, finish it.
Another methodology, highly applied in Montessori schools, Free Play. It is what we call it, giving the kid the space to play in a safe environment supported with educational games like puzzles, blocks, and wooden shapes without any constraints to stay in one section of the room in order to improve the motor skills.
Some studies show that kids learn faster when you support your speech with gestures.
Beware of passing on any negative connotations, wrong beliefs, or stereotype roles. These kind of thoughts affect your kids’ intelligence and limit their beliefs to how capable they are of doing things. If you tell a girl she cannot be a pilot, she will grow up to think she cannot.
Healthy nutrition and sleeping early are very necessary to child’s health and sanity, there are also certain food that stimulates cleverness like nuts, fish, and broccoli.
Professor Guin Diwar research suggests that freedom of choice, surprisingly, stimulates their smartness. Start at early years with your kids by giving options to choose from and give them the space to decide, you will see the results.
Interactive games, and among them the electronic ones allow kids to engage. Although some of the classic toys might seem so tradition to you and maybe boring, but as such, building blocks are among the most popular toys for kids that improve their mathematical skills.
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