What differentiates Abjadiyat?

Stemming from the market’s need and considering the fact that Arabic content is poor online, and the specific needs of the Arabic child for interactive and educational means, the launch of Abjadiyat came to life. It is the Arabic educational App that is the safest in the Arab world for pre-schoolers; aiming to teach Arabic to children in a fun, entertaining and meaningful way through educational games.

Abjadiyat allows children to learn by themselves through educational and interactive activities such as games, e-books, animated films, songs and exercise.

Abjadiyat offers more than 150 interactive activities that help in teaching Arabic in reading and writing. The content of Abjadiyat is continuously updated making this App an understandable tool and a means to help pre-schoolers achieve their educational goals and develop their intelligence.

Below are Abjadiyat features which are available in the App, making it the application you need for your children:

What distinguishes Abjadiyat is "safety". It is a safe educational platform for children, for its security and blocking all promotions and advertisements by any third party and holding them from contacting your child.
Abjadiyat – Arabic App- was prepared by educational and teaching experts, which contributed to the provision of high-quality content, including: Arabic reading, writing, Arabic numerals, games and social activities.
The App can be downloaded free of charge and the user can access and use a wide range of content for free.
The App provides two types of subscriptions, an annual subscription and a monthly subscription. The subscription management is self-edited or automatically renewed by the user and can be stopped through the user's settings after the purchase.
The App is special in terms of following an educational curriculum that can be dedicated for subscriber through levels. The curriculum is considered systematic and very similar to the nursery educational plan. The levels and lessons vary a lot in plan and goals, yet the most important thing is teaching Arabic.
The App has a dedicated section for parents through which the parents subscribe and fix the settings and watch advertisement to earn more points.
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