The importance of tracking kid’s intellectual progress & performance

I would like to start our article here with a scenario that would sound very much familiar to so many of you, imagine we have two moms, Leila; a mother of a 4 years old boy and Abeer, a mother to a 3 year old boy. Leila allows her kid to use the Ipad once a day for a maximum one hour, where he can watch Youtube kids’ shows or play kids’ games from the App store – only under her supervision-. While Abeer, never allows her boy to use the Ipad and he gets to only watch TV because she does not think Ipad is safe for him to use. Which option is the best in your opinion?

What if we told you that tablets and Ipads are not considered “unsafe” and what if we say, that online games and Youtube shows are receptive media and communication methods where the receiver does not engage with what he is viewing and would be only receiving information? What if you considered these electronic gadgets an investment in your child’s intelligence and smartness? As a matter of fact, Abjadiyat has been developed taking in mind these scenarios. Abdjadiyat is fun learning and engaging App that allows the kids to interact and learn through interesting methods, and this is not a cliché or an Ad, these words are the App’s features. These features can be easily measured through the “progress tracking” option available for parents to monitor their kids’ learning progress.

With Abjadiyat’s Progress Tracker it’s easy to see how much progress your child is making. It shows you the total number of learning activities completed in each category (books, videos, games, practice and activities), along with progress both by academic level and by curriculum subject. This way your kids can safely enjoy their time, having fun and learning. Needless to worry about any inappropriate Ads or constantly supervise them, you only need to monitor their progress. So why worry or deprive them from technology? Instead give them the right tools to learn and we do recommend Abjadiyat App for you.
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