Abjadiyat App: a Holistic educational system

We currently live in a fast faced world; changes surround us from every angle which also imposes a certain lifestyle that is way too different from the one our parents lived or even from the one we lives as kids. Among these changes, Education!

Education in previous decades was strict to elementary school, at 6 years old, and it was a curriculum that is planned by Ministries of Education, it later developed to become earlier for kids to start learning at the ages of 5 & 4, however now, learning begins at the age of 3 known to be “preschool”. But is this really enough for the millennial mums and the digital generation?

Millennial mums tend to be tech savvy and a lot into digital life, they Google almost everything and they base their opinions in so many things on the studies and online research, no wonder millennial mums follow a modern parenting style that adapts to the digital life we live in, for example, you would find a Tablet in every mother’s shopping list for her baby.

There are also so many education specialists and kids’ intelligence specialists who explain that kids start learning and reading at 3 months’ old, when they start to visualize and see things surrounding them. On the other hand, nurseries and good schools now days have requirements for their students, they do expects KG1 level to know the alphabets, colors and numbers to say the least, and they undergo exams for entry as well as interviews!

Abjadiyat has been developed to meet parents and nurseries teachers and basically anyone who is interested in developing the kids’ intelligence for pre-schoolers. And one of the App’s features is: Holistic content. It covers all areas of a child’s development including Literacy, Numeracy, Knowledge of the World, Social Skills & Creative Skills – through content that engages your child.
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