Modern parenting in our digital world

The digital world, social media, Ipads, tech gadgets and all these web channels have affected our lives dramatically and it has become part of our lives.

While we still think these tools are a commodity, they are in fact a connecting tool and communication method that affect us, hence, a necessity in now a days’ life.

It also affects our lives in an indirect way and imposes challenges on our parenting style. What concerns parents the most, only security, and the chances to have their kids exposed to Ads and inappropriate content, in addition to becoming addictive to the gadgets and less to the real world. Speaking of cases when the kid spends so many hours online as a recipient with no real engagement; however, interactive learning positively affects the cognitive process and improves kids’ cleverness.

In this article, we will be highlighting the best practices to use technology in the kids and parents’ favor:

We urge parents to look for the best educational online resources, and the educational apps that would enrich their children’s vocabulary and engage their minds through educational games and bedtime stories online …
We recommend choosing a safe app, one that is free from Ads and inappropriate content, also make sure to choose an App that gives parents access and monitoring options for the kids’ behavior online.
Look for interactive education though engaging App, something that would teach them Arabic letter and Arabic number for example, in order for the kid to pay an effort while learning as well as use his senses without being a mere recipient.
Choose an App that is available in your mother tongue, studies confirm that a kid has to learn his mother language in order to learn more languages.
Dedicate on hour or two at max, in the morning and the afternoon to spend on a useful app.
Check the resource of the app’s content and make sure it’s published by a trusted issuer, so that your kid is in safe hands.
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