5 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Kid

“I am afraid of what content my child may see on the tab or phone or computer,” is a common refrain heard from parents. And it is not unfounded.

Our kids are surrounded by technology and it is well-nigh impossible to keep them secluded from it. At Abjadiyat, we totally understand your concerns.

In this blog post we would like to share some of the benefits technology presents for your kids and how you can ensure that you harness these benefits without encountering technology’s cons.

Benefits of Technology for Kids:

Improves dexterity: Development of hand-eye coordination is very essential in the early formative years. This is what your kid will need to write and draw and eventually for sports and other activities. Interacting via mobile apps, wherein they are selecting buttons, moving objects around, tracing out alphabets or following game visuals and graphics, helps them develop their dexterity.
Enhances linguistic skills: Educational apps that your kid can use to learn languages, listen to stories or read e-books on are an interestingly challenging for your child. Exposure to these activities at an early age can strengthen their linguistic skills long before they start school. Abjadiyat is one of the best educational Apps in Arabic.
Prepares kids for school: The learning kids acquire from educational apps, via intellectually stimulating games and exercises, helps them be ready for the mental effort required once they start school. Dr. Deborah Linebarger, Director of the Children’s Media Lab at the University of Pennsylvania said in a conversation with Parents magazine that “A well-designed program can improve literacy or math skills and boost school readiness no matter what format it’s delivered on.”
Encourages children to accomplish more: Most educational apps are challenging, yet motivational. They build your Child’s problem solving skills by helping him learn to overcome obstacles and encouraging on the way. For instance, in Abjadiyat, Abjad motivates kids to learn more and rewards them when they do well.
Improves cognition: Learning via mobile apps enhances your child’s cognitive skills and strengthens their grasping power by giving them access to learning exercises and games. Most of these apps have levels that match the learning capacity of your child and do not overtax him, thus helping him learn at his own pace.
A little sidebar here: While the benefits of technology are numerous, a little proactiveness from the parent’s end is required. Ensure that your kid only has access to useful, age-appropriate apps. Download and install multiple educational apps, so they’d use their screen time fruitfully.

Abjadiyat is one such app you can have in your smartphone that helps benefits them in all the ways described above. It is an Arabic app that teaches children social interactions, math, literacy and a host of other useful skills via a fun, engaging interface. You can install it for the play store.
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