Homeschooling on the rise in UAE

Saving 50-75% of your child's tuition fees might sound like a myth to you, but it is a reality for few families in UAE. News platforms in UAE have recently started to talk about homeschooling, reporting how parents have managed to cut costs and provide a tailored educational experience to their child.

This is because aside from the hefty school fees, parents have to spend on the uniform, TEXTbooks, stationery items and transport costs.

But homeschooling is a schooling system where parents pick the subjects their children will study within the comfort of their home. This also means that the children are focusing on subjects they are interested in and are more likely to use in the near future. In fact, student-centered is on the rise in the region. Education experience where students don’t only pick the topics to study; they also pick the teaching and assessment methods the teacher will follow.

As a result, children have more leisure time to focus on other skills and activities that will help them develop their cognitive, practical and research skills. They also get the chance to join social groups and societies. This will let them interact with the outside world and make a diverse set of friends, unlike the regular school environment. This also helps nurture the child’s curiosity and enables them to explore the world in a way that is hardly possible during the tedious school routine

Lastly, the availability of educational materials on online platforms has made homeschooling a convenient and favorable option for some families. Some educational apps and websites are available which offer a wide range of educational content for free. But, if you are interested in seeing how this might work out for your child, you could consider starting out with the Arabic learning app Abjadiyat.

Still, have some second thoughts about homeschooling? Let us know below!
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