Is there a single perfect way for mothers to raise their kids in this rapidly changing world?

Raising a kid is one of the toughest challenges a parent faces in today’s world. Some parents manage to overcome some of these challenges while still struggling with the others; leading them to seek consultation from specialists in the fields of parenting and child psychology. A mother might also seek help on social media in hope of finding realistic information and tips that will help her with daily parenting issues. But, parents especially moms, are constantly being surrounded with huge amount of information; positive and negative ideas, dos and don'ts! As a result, they get stuck in a muddle of contradicting thoughts, where each one of them sees the situation from his or her point of view and culture.

With time, like everything else in this world, there are new trends in parenting and education. In the past, confused parents used to go back to their parents or grandparents for consultation, as they are people with life-long experience in parenting. Today’s generation of mothers’ don't stop at the advice of their grandmothers, because the way of living has changed over time and so did the way mothers think about raising their kids. For example, the Montessori Method is widely spread and is chosen by many mothers because it is considered to be one of the best ways to develop the child's creative abilities. It also focuses on the importance of connecting with the surrounding nature without limiting the child’s movement. On the other hand, some mothers prefer the Waldorf method which aims to empower children and enable them to choose their path in life independently. This method emphasizes the role of imagination in learning. This helps to holistically integrate the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils. Aside from these methods, some mothers learn from their very own 'super nanny', while others take their children to educational specialists who adopt Islamic educations.

But how does a mom deal with her kids in everyday situations? For example, what should she do when her child acts misbehaves and doesn't listen to her instructions? The usual way of disciplining a child is to keep him or her in a place with no entertainment for five minutes, and when the child follows the instructions and apologizes, the mother will forgive and hug her child. On the other hand, according to the Montessori Method some mothers find that isolating a child like this is a punishment, similar to solitary confinement and psychological torture. This method states that a human learns from their mistakes, and isolation does not teach anything, in fact, it inflicts heavy abuse on the child.

But what comes after Montessori, Waldorf, super nanny and other emerging methods mixed with different psychologists’ opinions? How can a mother choose the 'best' way to raise her children?

We, in Abjadiyat, advise parents to realize that there is no 'one size fits all' method to raise your children. You can use any method or style to teach them that is suitable to their abilities, needs and level of understanding.

Our app is an up-to-date educational app that complies with the current standards in education. Since we are dealing with experts in this field, we advise parents to always look for the right information and use their own intuition in choosing the best way to raise their children.
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