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Haneen is a working mother of two (Fares three years, Firas a year and a half). I am also a university student in the USA specializing in Human Factors and Psychology, and a member of Psi Chi and I have a special interest in education and child psychology.

Abjadiyat has asked Haneen;

Today's mothers feel dissatisfied despite everything they give, do you experience such feelings? And If we ask your children how they describe you, what do you expect them to answer?

Yes, these feelings are an integral part of being a mother, the sense of negligence towards her children knocks the door often. And for my children, they may respond: "Our mother is very busy, but she is keen to have a special time with us every day. Mama is nice and sweet but she is firm in case we do hurt each other".

Without a doubt, today's parents live a very busy life. How do you devote a special time to your children? What activity brings you together?

I spend 30 minutes to an hour a day with my children before bed time, talking, playing, telling them a story, or coloring. The activity itself is not important; the most important thing is spending a fixed time with them, maybe at least half an hour. The activity varies according to the day, time and mood. But often it is entertaining and educational one, such as collecting balls in colored baskets and pronouncing the color with each ball entering the basket.

Many studies indicate that children form their personalities at the age of 2-5 years. What is the most important educational advice you provide to the mothers in our current technical and fast-paced world?

I advise them to spend 30 minutes to an hour with their children to help them develop a lot of good qualities such as reading, writing, fluency in pronunciation, creative personality development; both geometrically and manually. Every mother should find the creative side of her child and invest in developing it during their time together. Also, spending half an hour with the child a day is enough to provide all that the child needs emotionally and morally from the mother, to become a strong and influential personality. Allow your child to make mistakes and help in correcting them; this is how your child will learn.
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