Inspiring Mums' Stories- Mayssam

Please share a brief bio about yourself and your blog.

Mayssam Mahmoud, a mother of two: Yousuf and Meera. Owner of “Mommy and Yoyo” blog. Sharing my motherhood experience, how I am trying to manage my life with two kids and some moments from my life.

Many mothers feel although they give too much, they still sometimes feel guilty or not giving as much as they want. How do you think your son/daughter will describe you if we asked you as a mama?

Never thought of this or ever asked this question to my kids to be honest! But I think they will say “Our mama is kind, has a big heart, showers us with kisses and hugs, and adores us. She likes to do everything by herself especially when it comes to us.”

Considering lives nowadays, parents are busy all the time, and are interrupted by many things around them, inspire us and tell us what’s considered a son/mama special time?

As you said parents are always interrupted by many things these days and always busy; especially during weekdays.

For me especially after I had my second baby, I had to make a regular ‘special time’ with Yousuf, to focus only on him and to let him know that mommy is always there for him.

On a daily basis, when Meera has her nap time, I sit with Yousuf and ask him what he wants to do. Sometimes he suggests to play with his blocks, read a story, and do some coloring together or to watch his favorite cartoon show. I do what he wants or sometimes I might suggest something new.

And every week I make sure to go out with Yousuf only to do something that he likes; eating ice cream while chatting with him, go to the park to play together or we go to the movies.

Kids between 2-5 years old develop their own character. What is your best parenting/educational tip to other mothers considering our new tech-savvy generation?

My best parenting tip is to never compare your kid with other kids! Every kid is special in his/ her own way.

And my best educational tip I can give is to raise a curious child; teach them to read and explore, try new ways to teach them new things.

I believe that every child has the ability to learn so many things but on his/her own way. So try to find out the suitable way for your kids, (through reading, reciting and repeating, Apps and iPad’s, Television…etc) and you will notice the difference!
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