Inspiring Mums' Stories- Haneen

Please share a brief bio about yourself and your blog.

I'm Haneen, the mama behind Working Mother of 2. Full-time working mum and a small business owner, juggling life in all its aspects and enjoying the ride. I started my blog 2 years ago when I felt that my experience will help other new mama's settle down in the motherhood journey. I've shared a lot on social media and learned even more throughout these 2 years.

Many mothers feel although they give too much, they still sometimes feel guilty or not giving as much as they want. How do you think your son/daughter will describe you if we asked you as a mama?

I think we as mothers, will never get out of this feeling of guilt. It's in our nature, as we always want the best for our kids. But I also think that our kids look up to us in so many ways and appreciate all the things we do and sacrifice for them. My kids might not know how to say it directly, but I get answers in my kids' actions, chats, and responses. Phrases like: "but mommy you know everything", "mommy you look like a princess", "mommy why are your eyes sad, I promise I’ll sleep early tomorrow" say it all.

Considering lives nowadays, parents are busy all the time, and are interrupted by many things around them, inspire us and tell us what’s considered a son/mama special time?

It's true that life is busier now and with all the distractions around us, it's so hard to keep up with our kids. To me, my days seem to need more hours in them, so I make sure to cherish every single moment I spend with my kids. It doesn't have to be as fancy as going to Disney Land, but simple things like; taking a shower or having a meal together. As long as you are there and giving your kids full attention, they will be happy. When my daughter or son come to tell me something, I listen as if it's the most important thing in the world no matter how silly it is, as to them, it is important.

One of my favorite times we spend together is after work playing catch or hide and seek around the house. You can hear their giggles fill our home when my husband or I catch one of them!

Kids between 2-5 years old develop their own character. What is your best parenting/educational tip to other mothers considering our new tech-savvy generation?

Set your kids free. Let them experiment a little of everything. Let them watch the tablet but also let them play with dirt. Let them express their selves. Give them the space when they need it. Don't force them to do things you won't do. Respect their choices; whether it is a t-shirt they want to wear or a food combination they want to try. Teach them tolerance and let them live their lives not yours.
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