How Abjadiyat Came to Life

When a child is born, so is a teacher within each mother. As the quote goes, "Mother is the best and the first teacher to the child." - Revathi. Hence, a mother is the first pre-school a child interacts with! She is the first person who plays the role of a teacher and shapes the way a kid thinks.

Similarly, our inspiring founder, Mrs. Imane, is also a mother. She is passionate about the field of education and is always on the lookout for new trends in education and schooling. So one day she was browsing YouTube for nursery content, like every other mother in this digital age, to teach her kids Arabic. She was looking for something educational yet entertaining. But to her disappointment, there wasn’t much content available! There are not many digital platforms for preschool Arabic content, mainly because there are very few credible providers for such content. This is when the concept of Abjadiyat came to her mind.

Our founder then approached Algorythma with her innovative idea of a purely educational platform for preschoolers. Something that provides interactive content to teach Arabic, with exclusive control to parents to help monitor their child’s behavior on the platform. She ensured the careful execution of the idea with her team of professionals with only one goal in her mind; quality Arabic education for preschoolers.

Developed with care and lots of love, Abjadiyat is a gift from one mother to another. After all, a mother only wants the best for her child and our founder is no different.
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