Inspiring Mums' Stories- Ines

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My name is Ines Sebiane, I studied broadcasting media and have worked in the field from the age of 13 as a presenter and producer for kids shows on Dubai TV. I currently work as a producer and director for digital content and I am pursuing my Ph.D. in the field of Leadership in Media Management. I have always loved kids even as a kid.

I use social media as a platform to share my lifestyle, my work, the content I create and the values and beliefs I live by!

Many mothers feel although they give too much, they still sometimes feel guilty or not giving as much as they want. How do you think your son/daughter will describe you if we asked you as a mama?

I am a busy working mama but I don’t think that will ever change, responsibilities grow with time and I don’t think there will come a time where I am 100% free just for my kids. Hence, I am happy to embrace this fact and just allow my kid to grow and see how I manage my time, tick things off my to-do list and still manage to be a loving and caring mother. I don’t want my kids to think I am a super mom, but just appreciate my efforts and the time I spend with them regardless of any obstacles.

I think my daughter will describe me as ‘The Achiever’ mama! J I love getting things done and hate procrastination.

Considering lives nowadays, parents are busy all the time, and are interrupted by many things around them, inspire us and tell us what’s considered a son/mama special time?

Yes, parents are busy and I don’t think that they will have the luxury to spend time with their kids only, as there are many responsibilities. But I believe that as a parent the best thing you can offer your kid, especially at this age, is to show them how you are managing to juggle all your responsibilities smoothly and deal with any difficulty with a smile on.

As busy parents you shouldn’t be ashamed that you don’t spend enough time with your kids, instead just embrace this fact and make ways to involve your kids in your busy schedule.

If they are still infants, you should consider them in your schedule no matter what and make sure that you are spending time with them daily.

For example, a special time for me is bath time. This is where I enjoy my time with my baby. She loves the water and I just make sure that I am around her during that time whether to play with her or read stories while she enjoys her bath.

Kids between 2-5 years old develop their own character. What is your best parenting/educational tip to other mothers considering our new tech-savvy generation?

Let your kids enjoy their individuality! Feed their curiosity and try to give them the space and time to learn how to do things on their own. Don’t surrender in to giving them an iPad to play without any control. Instead, download games/apps together. Spend this time with them while they show you how to use the apps and games, this could be a great way for them to develop their skills of sharing knowledge with others.
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