Inspiring Mums' Stories- Jana

Please share a brief bio about yourself and your blog.

My name is Jana Shami, I’m a designer by degree and a baker/cake decorator by passion. I started my blog when Taym was a few months old because I loved reviewing and recommending gadgets & products to new mommies. I also enjoy sharing little motherhood tips and tricks that changed my life and will be of help to others.

Many mothers feel although they give too much, they still sometimes feel guilty or not giving as much as they want. How do you think your son/daughter will describe you if we asked you as a mama?

We, as mothers and parents will always feel guilty around our kids because we want to be perfect for them and give them all our time. However, this is unrealistic. We are only human and can only do so much. I try my best to give my son what I’m capable of with the understanding that it’s the best I can do. My son Taym understands that we love him unconditionally and that he is the most important person to his parents. We provide him with his “needs” but he has to learn to earn what he “wants”. It’s very important for me to raise him to be realistic and resilient. When we spoil our kids we really are not preparing them for life. He knows that I love him and he’s my world, and I can be the happiest and funniest person around him, but in situations like disciplining him, I’m not afraid to do just so.

Considering now a days lives, parents are busy all the time, and are interrupted by many things around them, inspire us and tell us what’s considered a son/mama special time?

Life is going on as we are raising our children. Time doesn’t ‘just happen’, we need to plan to have free time. I have learnt recently to dedicate a specific amount of time during a day or week (whatever suits a parents’ schedule) just for my child and me. For us, we have 15 minutes a week where we go into Taym’s room (without phones and iPads), and we play with whatever he feels like one on one. Usually, it is ‘pretend play’ and we make up stories with his superhero and animal figurines :) As simple as it sounds! It really enhances my bond with Taym and he looks forward to “our time” every week.

Kids between 2-5 years old develop their own character. What is your best parenting/educational tip to other mothers considering our new tech-savvy generation?

I would say so far the toughest age was when Taym was 2. He really started developing his own character and I wasn’t prepared for it yet! It really helped me understand the changes he was going through at every stage and how to deal with him. What I have learned a lot from this stage was to, consider the situation from his view rather than judging their reaction when they feel frustrated, let down, neglected, or mad. They go through a lot and they need our guidance in every step.
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