Skills vs academics; rejuvenating education

Upon entering the classroom, the student taps ‘present’ on the tablet as he sits down. He swiftly wears his designated VR headset, like his peers around him, and with one click the first lesson of the day has begun. Welcome to the classroom of the future; where tablets will replace papers, VR & Gamification tools will be the norm, and teachers will not just ‘teach’ but will also be successful ‘facilitators’ of information.

Over the last decade, technology has managed to rapidly transform our lives in various aspects. At the same time, educational media has taken several forms to align with the best ways to present information to kids. As quoted by John Dewey, an American philosopher, and educational reformer, “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” From traditional chalkboards to smart boards to using sophisticated technology and software; the education system has witnessed notable changes.

But can the current education system prepare students for the foreseeable digitized future? World-renowned educational officials are discussing ways to seamlessly incorporate technology and help students relate classroom education to real-life situations. This mainly involves encouraging students of all schooling levels to work on their cognitive, problem-solving and creativity skills along with the academics; an abrupt shift from the traditional schooling methods.

Similarly, teachers and parents are being informed about the best ways to introduce educational technology to kids. Teachers are being trained to effectively incorporate technology into their teaching methods. On the other hand, parents are being advised to help kids understand the concept of using technology to ‘learn’ since they are young. Instead of giving them the liberty to use their gadgets with no set time and routine, children can be trained to use educational apps and games for a specific time during the day at home to help them adapt to this upcoming digital shift better.

Living in a generation where new inventions are a common thing, development of practical and cognitive skills, along with theoretical knowledge is a must for students. Educators and parents are being encouraged to give their students the time and space to think, to learn, and then critically assess a situation creatively. Although some may be hesitant with this new shift, it is something that will help groom the child’s skills and knowledge for the future. Are you, as a parent ready to experience this digital shift? Let us know below!
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