Personalized Learning

A customized learning path for each child based on their preferences, learning style, and skills to recommend content relevant to each of them.

Holistic Content

Professionally created and curated Arabic educational content covering literacy, numeracy, knowledge of the world, arts & crafts and much more.

Teachers’ Publication

Content curated & endorsed by a growing network of experienced educators globally.

Growing Library

An educational library that is constantly growing and updated to provide your child with the latest in education.

Progress Report

A comprehensive report that shows your child’s progress & interest in the variety of educational concepts available.

Flexible Subscription

Flexible monthly & annual subscription options that can be cancelled & restarted at any time; as we keep a record of each child’s progress.

Session Timer

The only Arabic Early-learning app where you can set a timer to control your child’s screen-time.

Gifts & Achievements

Every time a child completes a level, Abjadiyat rewards them with virtual gifts and badges in the App.